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6 reasons why you should choose a magnetic window screen.

  1. Magnetic flyscreens are streamlined, neat and will not hinder views or take up valuable space in your Odessa home
  2. Opening & closing the fly screen to access your casement window is a breeze with a flexible PVC frame
  3. Magnetic window screens can be used on nearly every window type including: timber, steel and UPVC
  4. A high quality flyscreen made from sturdy and long-lasting products & materials
  5. We are a family-owned business who strive to provide extraordinary service
  6. All magnetic window screens include a lifetime magnet replacement guarantee

Great DIY window screen kit solution…..

We recently moved to a new home that has a number of casement windows with no screens. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that whenever we open our windows we almost instantly attract flies and insects. After doing a bit of research, it seemed like most of our options were going to be pricey with custom window screens needed to be made.

But then we stumbled across these DIY window screens, and are happy we did! I installed each screen in about 20 minutes. So far, they’re all holding up well. Although we haven’t tried to remove the magnetic strip that’s stuck to the window frame, the screen itself is easy to remove and reattach if needed.

Best of all, they work a treat – we can open the windows without having flies and insects invade our space. Definitely recommended for casement windows.

Jamie Vincent
Saratoga, Australia

Jamie Vincent

Saratoga, NSW

I don’t want to waste big bucks on a custom fitted window screen as we are only renting the place. These magnetic diy screens is so cheap and easy to apply.

I am happy with the purchase, as the quality is better than I expected (for the price) and now I can open my windows without worrying about bugs. Highly recommend

Jennifer Corapi

Surfers Paradise, QLD

Odessa leading magnetic window screen supplier

In case you are living in a space that may be infested with mosquitoes, you can also believe utilizing the DIY Magnetic Window Screen Package.

It’s because the other choices i.e. scented candles, insecticides, and mosquito coils, are much less effective and potentially damaging.

This feature is by means of a ways safer and simpler.

They are additionally in prime call for and for the obvious purposes. They exhibit simple construction, ease of use, and unequaled sturdiness, amongst different exceptional traits.

Moreover, they are less expensive than the similarly effective choices like digital fly zippers and fly sprays. In contrast to those alternatives, this package is easy and offers effectively with the insect threat as neatly.

We do make and distribute these screens. Our screens are simple but highly efficient. They’re additionally highly regarded, more easy to maintain, and effortless to make use of. We also design them in the sort of manner as to permit in maximum quantities of unpolluted air into the market.

This promises you unlimited air flow always even as retaining out the pests.

Advantages Of A DIY Magnetic Window Screen Kit For Your Odessa Home or Business

Under are one of the most benefits you stand to accrue from the DIY Magnetic Window Screen Kits:

Simple to Install

They are more uncomplicated to put in. They require no holes or screws as are the cases with different materials of their types.

Because of this, you are going to not destroy the pain of your home while solving them in place.

You’ll additionally in finding them easier to mend on stone, metal, concretes, and some other similar systems.

Easy Layout

As stated, they show off a simple design. For this reason, you are going to find them a lot easier to carry around and, take care of while in comparison to so much different kits.

Less difficult to Put off

Their simplicity of layout additionally allows them to be simply removed from the puts through which they are installed as neatly.

You’re going to in finding them more straightforward to uninstall on the finish of the summer months and more straightforward to install in the beginning of the next summer.

They also degrade at a comparatively slower pace to fly meshes. They hence will not go to pot while in store.

Handy to Blank

You best wish to make the most of sponge and water to eliminate the dirt and particles from those magnetic window screens, not anything extra.

This implies they are in most cases more straightforward and convenient to clean.

Robust and Sturdy

Through their nature and layout, they require no frame or every other specialized equipment.

As a result of this, they’re extremely secure and sturdy.

Further to this, they lack certain cumbersome parts and parts that are found in other frames of its sort. They are going to therefore not going sustain damages or predispose you, your youngsters, and pets to accidents of whichever kinds.

Very Reasonably priced

Finally, they are the most affordable gadgets to rid the families and mosquitoes and different pests.

They are due to this fact sooner and offer more sensible solutions in your living areas.

They spare them from infestations via mosquitoes in the summer with out essentially requiring you to spend an excessive amount of of your money.

An innovative window screening approach

Magnetic flyscreens have a flexible frame to peel back a corner and pass through objects for greatest convenience and ease. A DIY flexible magnetic flyscreen lets fresh air in but keeps insects, moths, flies, and other bugs out.

Your DIY magnetic fly screen kit is easy & ready to install

The process of installing a DIY flyscreen is very easy.

Measure your window and order a size that will cover that window completely. We advise ordering a slightly larger size that you will be able to easily cut it to size as you install.

All magnetic flyscreen kits come complete with easy to follow instructions and require no screws, no nails, and will give you no hassles.

Available in white frame and to fit window sizes up to 1500mm x 1600mm

In ultimate, the DIY Magnetic Insect Reveal Kits offer sensible and reasonably priced answers to the prevention of the infestations of mosquitoes on your properties. In addition they block other irritating bugs from harming you within the terribly hot summer time months. They’ve also provided convenience and adequate coverage to homes on the grounds that time immemorial. Additionally, they go through improvements every now and then through cutting edge improvements.

Odessa (Ukrainian: Оде́са [ɔˈdɛsɐ]; Russian: Оде́сса [ɐˈdʲesə]; Yiddish: אַדעס‎) is the third most populous city of Ukraine and a major tourism center, seaport and transportation hub located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea. It is also the administrative center of the Odessa Oblast and a multiethnic cultural center. Odessa is sometimes called the “pearl of the Black Sea”,[2] the “South Capital” (under the Russian Empire and Soviet Union), and “Southern Palmyra”.[3]

Before the establishment of Odessa, an ancient Greek settlement existed at its location. A relatively more recent Tatar settlement was also founded at the location by Hacı I Giray, the Khan of Crimea in 1440 that was named after him as “Hacıbey”.[4][citation needed] After a period of Lithuanian Grand Duchy control, Hacibey and surroundings became part of the domain of the Ottomans in 1529 and remained there until the empire’s defeat in the Russo-Turkish War of 1792.