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The team at Magnetic Insect Screens offers complete window screens and door screens that can fit your custom specifications.

Produly offering tailored solutions for your window screen & door screen needs that you might not have thought possible. With an array of window screen material alternatives (velcro & PVC) as well as an extensive window screen frame color selection.

When you shop online at Magnetic Insect Screens, you get full product choice and guaranteed quality.

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premade insect screens

How to Pick Your PreMade Window Screen Material (Velcro or PVC Frame)

pre made window screensWith the variety of options, more questions and considerations are usually required, and unless you already have a set preference, the decisions can be a little overwhelming.

With that said, the experienced team and window screen experts at Magnetic Insect Screens are always on call to answer your questions.

However, answering the following questions below is the ideal place to start when you are looking to narrow down your choices.

What do you need your insect screens to do for you?

This is the most important question to answer when choosing your premade window screens, because it will determine everything else.

Besides keeping those nasty and annoying flies, mosquitos and insect pests out of your home and out of your life, are you looking to increase your home’s energy efficiency?

Or are you interested in the insect screen long lasting ability despite the wear and tear of your children, pets and extreme weather?

Are you hesitant to even make the investment to buy new screens because they might obscure your view?

For ultimate interior protection & home efficiency you can use a solar screen. If you are concerned about constantly fixing your screens because of pets, kids, wild weather, and other destructive forces, our screens have ultimate durability.

Love your view, but worried about looking through window insect screens? Our window screens are see through.

Are you looking for screens that are functional?

The range of Magnetic Insect Screens’ products are both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, with the ability to blend in with any decor and design.

For example, a brown framed screen offers a extreme benefits and is also a perfect addition to any wooden frame window. On the other hand,  our black screen doors offers all that you need to keep the insects, flies and mosquitos at bay, it can make your home look like it is wearing sunglasses.

Knowing not only what you need your screens to do for you and how that will affect the curb appeal of your home — if that matters — is another part of your complete window screen purchase to think about

What is your budget and how many screens are required?

The spending budget must always be considered when undertaking any home improvement project.

However, Magnetic Insect Screens’ offers competitive prices on our window screen products and door screens, making it easier to get the screens that you want and need.

If you have questions about how to get the complete window screens that you want and still remain in budget, contact the window screen experts at Magnetic Insect Screens!

We’d love to help you get the upgrade that will provide you with the screens you need in an effort to save you money.

Who is Magnetic Insect Screens?

Magnetic Insect Screens has been wholesaling screens worldwide for over 15 years and use the highest quality window screen materials to the size and specifications you need.

Our custom window screens are made to size and available with your choice of frame color. We offer door screens, magnetic window screens, velcro window screens and more! 

Have Questions?

Not sure what size of custom screen you need? Read more about measuring for your custom screen or replacement window screen frame here!

For all other questions about your kit and custom screens, check out our FAQ page or Contact us! Want more ideas for your window screens ? Read our blog!