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Why You Should Buy Magnetic Mosquito Screen

High Quality Great Looking Flexible And Highly Durable

Mosquitoes and flying insects have always been a nuisance in our lives, especially in our homes. People have been using orthodox mosquito fighting solutions like the scented candles and fly spray to get rid of them but to no avail.

Solutions To The Problem

However, there is a solution to the problem: the magnetic mosquito screen. This is a window guard used nowadays by most homes because they are so effective. Their demand is rising day by day because of their durability and design. It is constructed in a way that makes it last longer. The design is very simple and friendly to the users, making it more popular.

It would be appropriate for you to install a magnetic mosquito screen that is very smart and effective. Wasting your money on the purchase of insect sprays and fly zappers, which tend to be costly is not recommended.

At the end of the day, you will be capable of controlling the mosquitoes and flying insects from getting into your house. Most of the approved solutions for fighting mosquitoes prevent you from enjoying fresh air from outside.

Enjoy The Fresh Air Anytime

Usually, you are forced to close the windows so that the sprays can work. With the window guard, it is very easy for you to enjoy the fresh air and at the same time prevent mosquitoes and insects from getting into the house.

Their upkeep is very easy and the fact that they are free from hustle makes them more interesting. Opening windows is so easy even with the screen fitted on to them. All you need to do is to peel back a corner of the magnetic screen so that you become able to access the handle of the window.

This means that there are no difficulties caused by fitting the screens to the windows. One important thing that people need to know is that this solution is very different and unique from the rest. This is because, their design is in such a way that natural air is let into the house and at the same time, insects are kept away. Ventilation is therefore continuous, making your life better.

Fits Into Almost All Types Of Windows

It is possible for the magnetic mosquito screens to be fitted into almost all types of windows. This includes double hung windows, sliding windows, louvre windows, casement windows, and the awning windows.

Fitting into most windows is however uncommon with the standard insect screens. When a trial was done to find out if they could be fitted, most windows did not allow. That is why a magnetic mosquito screen is highly advised.

Besides its amazing design and cheap maintenance, it works beautifully with all types of windows regardless of the style in which they are designed. A variety of the window guards is offered and the made-to-measure fly screens represent them.

Affordable Yet Durable And Beautiful

Mosquitoes tend to invade most homes in the summer season. Thus, most people get to find the best means to prevent them from getting into their houses. To make it possible for most homes to be safe, these screens have a very affordable price.

Unlike other insect-fighting solutions, these magnetic ones have been made easier to obtain, without interfering with people’s savings. Apart from this benefit, they also make homes comfortable and well protected from any danger.

Magnetic Insect Screens

Our company guarantees only the best quality products go into the custom manufacture of our DIY fly screens. Create a hygienic and insect free environment with magnetic insect screens that are a high quality, great looking, flexible and highly durable.

Magnetic Insect Screens is a manufacturer selling online direct to the public so you can buy and save on all types of fly screens. All screens come with a lifetime magnet replacement guarantee.

The magnetic strip which comes in each pack, can be attached to aluminium, timber and pvc window frames. We provide free delivery worldwide. Once your payment has cleared; orders prepared the same day.

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit Magnetic Insect Screens and find out the perfect fly screens for your home needs!

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6 reasons why you should choose a magnetic flyscreen as your push out window flyscreen

  1. Magnetic fly screens are streamlined, tidy and will not hinder views or take up valuable space in your Kent home
  2. Opening & closing the insect screen to access your window is very easy with a flexible PVC frame
  3. Magneticfly screens can be utilised on nearly every window type including: timber, steel and UPVC
  4. A high quality fly screen made from sturdy and long-lasting products & materials
  5. We are a family-owned business who strive to provide extraordinary service
  6. All magneticfly screens include a lifetime parts replacement guarantee

I love the screens! Easy to put together and easy to use… Great value for money…would highly recommend these screens.

Tali Filip

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Very satisfied with my new insect screens and the speed of delivery after ordering. Excellent product and service – highly recommend to others.

Kayla Lanzon

Surry Hills

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