Beneficial Use Of Magnetic Fly Screens

If you are sick and tired of mosquitoes bothering you, magnetic fly screens are the choice for you. Forget about insecticides, scented candles, and other ineffective methods. Magnetic insect screens will bring the solution you are looking for.

Magnetic fly screens are in high demand, and it is not hard to see why. Their simple, easy-to-use design and durable construction make them one of the best options on the market.

Why waste time and money on fly spray or expensive electronic mosquito zappers, when you can simply install a neat, effective magnetic screen and relax, knowing that the screen will take care of any insect problem effortlessly and without fuss.

Our simple and effective screen is one of the most popular solutions for fuss-free use and ease of maintenance.

Unlike some other screens on the market, our magnetic fly screens allow unrestricted fresh air into your house. You can enjoy uninterrupted ventilation while you keep the pests out.

We offer a wide range of made-to-measure fly screens.


Why choose a magnetic fly screen?

Here are some of the advantages that a magnetic fly screen offers:

  •  They can be installed effortlessly. Holes and screws are not required. This means you won’t need to ruin your home’s paint job with holes and screws, and you won’t have any problem installing the screen on metal and stone structures such as concrete walls and similar.
  • Their simple design makes them quick and easy to install, with minimal fuss.
  • They are also quick and easy to remove. They can be taken down at the end of summer, stored through the winter and installed again the next summer.
  • Unlike some fly meshes, the magnetic screen will not degrade while it is in storage.
  • Easy to clean with a simple sponge and water. No special equipment required for maintenance.
  • Since they do not require a frame or any kind of specialist apparatus, magnetic screens are safe and durable. Because they lack cumbersome parts that are seen on other insect deterrents, it is hard to damage them by accident and they won’t injure you or your children and pets. A truly family-friendly solution that is built to last!

Magnetic Flyscreens – An Affordable DIY Project

Magnetic insect screens are among the most affordable on the market, making them an ideal fast and practical solution to protect your living space against mosquitoes during summer, without having to plunge into your savings.

The magnetic screens present a practical and affordable solution to prevent mosquitoes and other irritating insects from bothering you throughout the summer.

Magnetic fly screens are more efficient and easier to maintain than any other insect deterrent. You can remove, clean and store them effortlessly.

Their functional design puts your needs first: you can install the fly screen swiftly and with minimal fuss, and remove them just as effortlessly in the winter when they are no longer needed.

When you want to clean the door or window behind the fly screen, it is a simple matter just to take the fly screen down. You can maintain your home easily and without any bother.

Install fly screens wherever you want. Their small dimensions and compact design means that unlike other insect deterrents and pest solutions, you do not need a large space to install them.

They are equally useful in large family homes and small apartments. And because pins and screws are not needed residents of rented accommodations need not to worry about getting permission from the owner.

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The magnetic insect screen for windows contains the following features:

  • White fibreglass fly screen material.
  • Highly flexible plastic frame.
  • 4 corners.
  • Magnetic strips.
  • Adhesive magnetic strips.
  • Profile depth of only 8mm, enabling it to fit almost all shutters.
  • UV and weather resistant fibreglass fabric in anthracite for high transparency.
  • Fixture with magnetic glue strips for easy installation and use.

This simple magnetic window screen completely covers the area, preventing flies, spiders, mosquitoes and other pests from getting in.

Easy Fit

Simply assemble a plastic frame to your desired size using the corners supplied. Place the material over the frame, clip it into place with the magnetic lengths, trim excess material, peel off the backing and apply directly to the window frame. No long, complicated instruction manuals and no bolts, nails or screws required!

Easy to use

Unlike some meshes, magnetic fly screens enable you to open and close your window after they have been applied. Simply pull the fly screen gently away from the magnet on the window frame, and open or close your window as usual.

Suitable for

Domestic and light commercial environments.

Choose the magnetic screens for a fast, efficient and affordable solution to protect your home from mosquitoes and other pests.

Our products offer the perfect balance between quality, functionality, and price. Trust the experience and browse our catalogue. We have many options available.

We know that every home is different, so we have models that will suit a range of specifications in order to cater to every customer. With the years of industry experience, you can rest assured that the quality workmanship and the durability of our products will provide for your individual needs.

We take pride in our work and in delivering outstanding quality to every customer. Browse our online catalogue and compare the products we have on offer and you are certain to find a fly screen to suit your unique requirements.

Magnetic Insect Screens provided comfort and protection to countless homes and remain true to its origin. Continues to raise the benchmark through improvement and product innovations. We consistently provide first-rate finishings and fittings, so that you can enjoy comfort and quality unparalleled.

At our online store, we offer the products at a low price that you won’t find in stores elsewhere. Because we operate online, we can protect you from additional costs that you might expect to find in other stores, as well as protecting you from measurement mistakes and similar errors. Buy with confidence, buy safe and assured, and enjoy unrivalled quality without compromise.

Technically advanced in every way, the magnetic insect screens are pliable and efficient, making your home safe and free of pests, without interrupting the flow of fresh air or the view from your windows.

With the magnetic fly screen, your home will become healthier, greener, and a more pleasant and comfortable place to live. You can keep the pests out and let the sunshine through at the same time. Our fly screen stands, protecting you while you enjoy the view from your window and the natural air flow.

If you have any questions or would like to customise your product, contact our team. They will provide any additional assistance you require.

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6 reasons why you should choose a magnetic flyscreen as your push out window flyscreen

  1. Magnetic fly screens are streamlined, tidy and will not hinder views or take up valuable space in your Kent home
  2. Opening & closing the insect screen to access your window is very easy with a flexible PVC frame
  3. Magneticfly screens can be utilised on nearly every window type including: timber, steel and UPVC
  4. A high quality fly screen made from sturdy and long-lasting products & materials
  5. We are a family-owned business who strive to provide extraordinary service
  6. All magneticfly screens include a lifetime parts replacement guarantee

I love the screens! Easy to put together and easy to use… Great value for money…would highly recommend these screens.

Tali Filip

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Very satisfied with my new insect screens and the speed of delivery after ordering. Excellent product and service – highly recommend to others.

Kayla Lanzon

Surry Hills

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