Finally A Quick & Easy Way to Create DIY Window Screen Frames

Keep bugs out and let the frsh air in with the innovative DIY magnetic window screening system.

Building DIY custom window screen frames for your home, business, caravan, boat or RV is now a simple project and without the need to employ expensive tradesman.

These innovative window screen frame kits and accessories are a simple and cost effective solution for creating a custom sized window screes that is a perfect fit for your windows.


Screen Frame Kits

Kits come in the following sizes (but can be custom cut to size):-

  • 39 in x 39in
  • 63in x 59in
  • 78.7in x 47.2in
  • 78.7in x 78.7in

We advise buying the window screening kit that is slightly larger than the window and the cut it size

Corners fit the frame together without the need for any handyman tools. The frame is further stabilized by the using the grooved magnet strip to secure the insect mesh to the frame.

Variety of Colors

Screen frames are available in 3 popular colors including

  1. White framed window screen frame kits
  2. Brown framed window screen frame kits
  3. Black framed window screen frame kits

The PVC construction is weather resistant and never needs painting.

Suitable For Both Small & Large Windows

These innovative Do-It-Yourself Screen Kits include everything needed to make your own window screens for both small and large windows.

The window screen kits are a simple DIY project as you will be supplied everything needed to build a window screen onsite (except for the manual labor). 

You are guaranteed no wasted money on material you dont need if buying individual parts.

Detailed picture instructions are included with eveyr kit. 

These DIY Screen kits are a great way to save on shipping too. Especially if need large window screens for oversized windows.

Compatible With all Types of Windows

Whether you have metal, wood or vinyl windows, the magnetic insect screen system makes a window screening a breeze.

Every screen frame kit comes with

  • 4 corner pieces
  • screen frame lengths
  • fiberglass insect mesh
  • adhesive magnet strip
  • frame joiners (if required)
  • wind holding clips
  • grooved magnet strip
window screen frame kit

How Build A Window Screen With A Magnetic Window Screen Kit

diy window screen kit