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7 versatile sizes that you can easily custom cut to your window size

Order the frame size that is slightly larger than the window you want to screen – you are able to easily cut the frame to fit (with a cutting blade or strong scissors – no tradesman tools required).

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"The screens are a great product, perfect for my tilt-n-turn windows for which there was no other viable option. Also, customer service is SUPERB and highly cooperative. I made a miscalculation on my window sizes and the company was extremely helpful and reasonable when I asked for help. I almost never write reviews, but BOTH the product and the service are exceptional."

Craig Avedisian

"I love the screens! Easy to put together and easy to use… Great value for money…would highly recommend these screens."

Tali Filip

"We saw this product in Europe and came back and found it…….. It took us about 15 minutes to assemble……. Works perfectly on our window, seals nicely all around the frame. We are happy it worked, save us some money from custom made."

Jacob Whiteon

"I was very happy with this product. I am a women and the product was easy enough for me to assemble and install on my own without the help of a handy man. The design is simple and effective. Also, it can be opened exactly as shown on the picture. The advantage of this product over fixed Musquito (sic) windows is 1. Price 2. No holes 3. Can be removed in the winter months when there are no Musquitos (sic) so that the view is unobstructed."

Julie Ashgrove

"This product works well……. Note to buyer: be very careful about measuring. I ended up making my screen 1/2 an inch too small and have to start over entirely with a new kit to cut the right size out of the mesh and pvc/magnets (not the product’s fault, but mine)."

Sarah-Louise Raillardon

Each DIY Black Magnetic Window Fly Screen Kit Includes


best diy window magnetic flyscreen supplier
best diy window magnetic flyscreen supplier

The Premier DIY Magnetic Insect Screen Online Shop

A magnetic insect screen is designed to fit almost every window type.

This includes windows for awnings, sliding windows, casement windows, louvre windows, as well as difficult to screen double hung windows.


Easy to install and operate

Simple 4 Step DIY Installation
  1. Apply the magnetic strip around your window frame (this is a 3M self adhesive product & is very strong)
  2. Cut your screen to size & affix the mesh (the mesh is secured to the screen by using a grooved magnetic strip – pretty ingenious)
  3. Attach the now magnetized screen to the magnetic strip around your window
  4. Enjoy your open window and let air in to your house without any bugs, flies, spiders or mosquitoes

Opening and closing your windows is very simple when a magnetic insect window screen is installed: simply peel back one corner of the window screen back to easily access the window handle.

No matter the style of window these magnetic window screens will work perfectly.

What type of window is this black magnetic insect screen suited for?

In the case of some window styles, especially casement, push-out, and wind-out awning windows, installing insect screens was almost an impossible task.

A magnetic insect screen provides the ideal solution for windows that have been traditionally difficult to screen.

And what’s more, a magnetic fly screens are not only versatile but also cost effective, which will allow you to maintain an insect-free house without giving up fresh air.

The size of every window is slightly different, and accordingly customized screens are necessary.

Although these screens come in set sizes, each can be individually tailored to your window frame.

The DIY magnetic window screen is installed onto your window via a 3M self adhesive magnetic strip that attaches to your existing window frame.

You simply have to put together your magnetic insect screen and then clip them onto the newly placed magnetic strips around your window frame.

Handles in the corners make it easy to install, as well as remove and clean your screens, while the interlocking clips will firmly hold the screen in place.

The mesh of the screens can also be easily removed and replaced.

The magnetic strip can be affixed to window frames made from timber, aluminium, or pvc.

In order to match your window frames, our screen trim is available in black, white, brown, and the insect mesh comes in grey.

If you have double hung or casement windows and are scratching your head about what is the best DIY fly screen solution to protect your family and house from those irritating, dirty and potentially disease carrying insects – DIY magnetic window screens are the ideal solution.

Contact us today and one of our experienced staff will be in touch to provide you with a no obligation free quote and answer any questions you may have about DIY window screen kits.

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