Double Hung Window Screens

Why You Should Buy Double Hung Window Screens

The Most Preferred Window Screen Style

The double-hung window screens are the most preferred window screen style. Its traditional appearance allows it fit almost in every home. It is remarkably distinct from the single-hung windows in that both its bottom and top sections are operable. Its sash can also be opened in a tilted position, both or a single sash at a time.

Therefore, if you have not settled yet on the window style for your home, it is prudent to consider the double-hung window screen type. Here are the perks that come with double-hung window screens.

Room Aeration

Double-hung windows ventilation properties are fabulous. The fact that both sections of the window can be opened allows it provide maximum ventilation to your home. Hence, light, fresh air flows in the house from outside to replace the stale air at the bottom section. Better ventilation reduces energy consumption thus guaranteeing energy efficiency.

They Are Versatile

Double-hung windows can fit in almost any type of home. Examples are city apartments, upcountry ranches, bungalows. These windows come in a range of designs and styles, sizes and shapes to meet a variety of requirements. Better yet, homeowners are allowed to choose among a myriad of material options including vinyl, wood, aluminium, and fibreglass and have it installed anywhere including the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and any place of living in your home.

They Are Safe

Double-hung windows are the safe and recommendable option for kids’ rooms. The fact that these windows slide up and down instead of opening out allows them to hold window screens well. You are free to choose between full and half screen, which can be easily mounted both on inside and outside of the window.

Highly Accessible and Offer Ease of Cleaning

The bottom and top parts of double-hung windows can be rotated. Thus, making cleaning both sides easier without the necessity of opening the other window or using the ladder. These are among the reasons why these windows are a priority option for homeowners.

Besides the benefits, homeowners are recommended to ask for a qualified window screen installer to do the job. It assures the proficiency and quality of the work done.

You will surely find double-hung windows that match your interior and exterior décor. Besides observing energy efficiency standards, our windows’ style is unmatched.

Low Maintenance

Our windows are renowned for being low maintenance during their entire lifetime. Year in year out, they seldom need painting or scraping. They also hold anti-impact properties with the ability to withstand break-ins, harsh weather and a range of potentially harmful environmental insults. Double-hung window screens are the way to go.

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