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Why You Should Buy Casement Window Screens

Provide Superior Ventilation And Protection For Home

Replacing or installing window screen is an essential way because it enhances the beauty and value of your home. It is wise to pick the correct style of window to improve function and performance. We deal in a variety of window screens for sash windows, tilt and turn windows, fully reversible and many more. Among our clients favourite are casement window screens because of its wide range of benefits:

Excellent Ventilation

No other window screen provides superior ventilation than casement window screen. Casement windows can absorb side breezes because it has an open sash that acts as a funnel to let in air in your living space during summer time.

Best Views

Casement windows and screens have a variety of styles and designs. It matches well for most home designs and interior decoration. It features a lot of materials such as wood, vinyl, metal or fiberglass. There will be an endless connection between your internal and outdoor home design.

Energy Efficient

Casement windows and screens have excellent locked system that prevents unwanted air from flowing in and out of the house.


The lock system of the casement window is embedded in a sturdy frame to enhance safety and security. The casement window screens enhance excellent versatility and durability to your home as well.

Factors to consider for in casement windows:

If a client has settled for a casement window, there are some factors that one should consider:

Ease of Installation

As a home installer, it is important to advise clients to choose gaskets that are already applied for a window to be correctly fitted. It cuts installation time thus significant operations in a business will not be hindered.

Variety of Colour and Designs

Our casement window screens have many methods of customisation that will match your pre-existing home style. We can customise for you any color that you need.

Security and Safety

Security and safety in our home is a crucial thing and a primary consideration for anyone. Casement windows and screens are durable and sturdy as ascertained by our previous clients. Casement window are very easy to operate primarily for individuals who have less accessibility. It is sustainable because of the lever that locks the sash at several points.

Energy Efficient

Casement window screens prevent heat loss because they are no leaks between the frame and sash. It has sufficient ventilation and incredibly perfect for letting in fresh air into the living room. The sashes are effective and act as breeze catchers thus allowing wind in the right direction. It is ideal energy consumption and saves on the cost of energy. The double hinge variety will enable you to either leave the window fully opened or half opened.


Window material makes a huge difference to your home. There are many types of materials that are available. UPVC is becoming popular because of its benefits as compared to conventional wood. UPVC is easy to maintain, does not warp, rust, peeled off or flake. You do not need to repaint it regularly because it is cleanable. The material can last up to 20 years.

Casement windows and screens are affordable as compared to other types. It makes it affordable because they are easy to install thus make a lot of saving. Fixed windows are becoming popular among many clients.

Casement windows and screens have an upper value because of its limited energy consumption and excellent ventilation. They make your house a home due to its variety of colours, materials and other customisable features. It also gives clients a sense of freedom due to its simplicity in operation.

Magnetic Insect Screens is a manufacturer selling online direct to the public so you can buy and save on all types of fly screens.

If you have double hung or casement windows and are scratching your head about what is the best DIY fly screen solution to protect your family and house from those irritating, dirty and potentially disease carrying insects – DIY magnetic insect screens are the ideal solution.

Magnetic fly screens can be custom adapted to fit windows of all types and sizes, simply and easily.

They are very durable and flexible making them not only easy to clean but also easy to use and potentially store away when not required (eg during those winter months).

Finger tabs on the bottom corners of each magnetic fly screen enable you to pull the screen away from the window.

The magnetic insect screen flexes easily out of the way providing you unhindered access to open and close your windows, just let the corner tab go and it will simply snap back into place.

The flexible PVC frame of the magnetic insect screen is far less bulky and obtrusive compared with traditional aluminium framed fly screens.

Magnetic Insect Screens guarantees only the best quality products go into the custom manufacture of our DIY flyscreens. Create a hygienic and insect free environment with magnetic insect screens that are a high quality, great looking, flexible and highly durable.

Contact Magnetic Insect Screens today and one of our experienced staff will be in touch to provide you with a no obligation free quote and answer any questions you may have about DIY magnetic flyscreens.

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6 reasons why you should choose a magnetic flyscreen as your push out window flyscreen

  1. Magnetic fly screens are streamlined, tidy and will not hinder views or take up valuable space in your Kent home
  2. Opening & closing the insect screen to access your window is very easy with a flexible PVC frame
  3. Magneticfly screens can be utilised on nearly every window type including: timber, steel and UPVC
  4. A high quality fly screen made from sturdy and long-lasting products & materials
  5. We are a family-owned business who strive to provide extraordinary service
  6. All magneticfly screens include a lifetime parts replacement guarantee

I love the screens! Easy to put together and easy to use… Great value for money…would highly recommend these screens.

Tali Filip

5 Star Facebook Review

Very satisfied with my new insect screens and the speed of delivery after ordering. Excellent product and service – highly recommend to others.

Kayla Lanzon

Surry Hills

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